6 Common Types of Depression Which You Heard Frequently

6 Common Types of Depression Which You Heard Frequently

With so much tension and workload, we hardly get any time for relaxation. Without relaxing you could get depression with so much going on. It could make you mentally unstable. So, if you are getting depressed frequently by this or that then it is time that you look for the depression counselor near me, the counselor for depression would help you to get rid of it.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the types of depression. So, you could get to decide if you have any of them or in which stage are you.

The Types of Depressions

Major Depression

People with major depression don’t affect their positive environments. Maybe they could have lots of friends, the dream job or the best ever family, that won’t stop them to get depressed. They would feel the symptoms most of the day. Grief, fatigue, sleeping disorder, appetite disorder, etc. are the symptoms of major depression.

Persistent Depression Counselor Near Me

This is a long-time depression. Though this isn’t as severe as the major depression, it could affect the relationships. Some times it could get better just before deteriorating more. Hopelessness, sadness, low self-esteemed, social withdrawal are some of the symptoms of persistent depression. The patient couldn’t function properly.

Psychotic Depression

In this depression, the patients would lose connection with the real world. They would feel hallucinations and delusions. Hallucination means they would see, hear, smell or feel things that didn’t exist in the real world. In delusion they would have some false believes. But for the patients all are true.

Bipolar Disorder

The patients would feel the mania or hypo-mania. They would have the depressive episode with the mania episode. They would feel the exact opposite in both of the phase. There could be a chance of hospitalizing the patients.

Perinatal Depression Counselor Near Me

This depression is caused by hormonal disorder. The mother would get this during the pregnancy or the right after the childbirth. Sadness, anxiety, anger, exhaustion, tension for the newborn’s health, thoughts of harming the baby or themselves, etc. are the symptoms of this kind of depression.

Seasonal Depression

With the change of weather, patients get this type of depression. They would feel sadness, unworthy of themselves. Gaining more weight, feeling sleepy, social withdrawal are the other symptoms of seasonal depression.

Here I only discussed some types of depression, also others are there. The various types of therapy for depression are art therapy, EMDR therapy, blue light therapy for depression. Now if you are confused about whom to approach, then just check our services. We also offer online services to adjust to your busy schedules. We use the latest EMDR therapy to cure the disorder. It one of the best and effective ways to treat the patients.

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