Top 4 Ways to Help a Domestic Violence Victim To Fight Back

Top 4 Ways to Help a Domestic Violence Victim To Fight Back

Are you suspecting that your dear one is going through domestic abuse? But not sure enough or thinking about how to approach them or waiting for the right time to start the talking. Then don’t wait. Let them know that you are concern about them, let them feel that you are there to care for them. The best way to start is to search for signs of domestic violence. If you suspect them then just try to help them as much as you can. The first step in helping them is spreading domestic violence awareness.

Generally, domestic violence is related to women victims but there are also male victims too. You need to believe what the victim says, which will help them to form a belief in you as their well-wisher. Here in this blog, I will be discussing the best ways you can help them to fight the abuse and get back to the normal life they deserve.

The Way You Can Help a Domestic Violence Victim

Try to Converse

If you are doubting that the person is going through with some violence and trying to hide it, then as the first step to help them you should try to converse with them. Don’t wait, let them know you are there to help and listen. Tell them what is making you concerned about them, let them open up to you. It can take time, be patients with the victims.

Don’t Judge the Domestic Violence Victim

After the victim tell their story don’t judge them. Just listen and tell them it’s ok to feel this way in this situation. But also make them understand that the abuse isn’t normal and they should take a stand against it. Support them emotionally as much as you can.

Make a Safety Plan

Help them to form a safety plan for the emergency. Like, prepare a safety bag with emergency cash, important documents, clothes, toiletries, keys, etc. If the children are involved, keep them safe. Write down the numbers of friends and family who will help in the emergency. Prepare an excuse for emergency escape.

Offer Specific Supports to the Domestic Violence Victim

You can help them to find the number of domestic violence shelters near me. Help them to report against the abuser to the police for protection orders according to domestic violence law. Try to identify their strengths and help them to be independent in every way. Let them know how to reach you at any time.

You can also help them to be emotionally stable with the help of domestic violence counseling. Through the counseling session, we will help the victims to have an emotionally stable life.

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