Addiction 1

without their drug of choice but who appears from the outside to have things together. A functional addict shows up to their job, kid’s activities, family functions, etc., but still struggles to cope with big feelings healthily. If you find yourself doing things like losing interest in your hobbies, using funds to fuel your addiction, making excuses for behaviors, hiding behaviors from loved ones, making jokes about your addiction, or feeling ill, guilty, or ashamed after a behavior, you may be a functional addict. You don’t have to live out of a shopping cart to have a problem.

I’ve Cured My Addiction Before…

Many addicts switch from source to source feeling that they have “cured” the problem. An alcoholic who once drank too much may now abstain but spend an excessive amount of time exercising. A sex addict no longer seeks out personal relationships but still struggles due to watching too much internet porn. A gambler has much more money now but spends a lot of time chatting online.

If this is you, you haven’t solved the problem.

Until you get to the source of what you’re running from things, it won’t change.

Now What?

If you’re tired of the cycle, then it’s time to get brave. Therapy can help you process and integrate what happened to create this addiction in such a way that it becomes the fabric of your story instead of your identity. There is so much more to you than “addict.” Wouldn’t you like to explore that?

Therapy can offer you the freedom you’re seeking from these behaviors, the tools you need to cope with big feelings without your addiction of choice, and the ability to build (or rebuild) a normal life. You deserve to heal.