Depression 1

Most often, the word “depression” brings to mind images of not being able to get out of bed. To most it means social withdrawal, crying spells, loss of appetite, chronic negative thoughts, and an inability to pull oneself out of this cycle. Say “depression” and the worst comes to mind: not being able to function and potentially considering antidepressants.

While this is true, what is more common is “functional depression.” Many people with depression don’t even realize they’re depressed. They still make it to work, outings with friends, and family functions, but it all has a grey overlay. Functional depression looks more like an inability to focus, a loss of interest in socializing or participating in life, feeling more easily fatigued, feeling slightly hopeless or helpless- it’s sneakier. The world just seems a little greyer and your emotions are just a bit flatter. You may or may not have negative thoughts. What you do experience is a loss of color in your life. Everything is just a little…less.

Whether you’re on the far end of the spectrum and deeply struggling, or in a more functional place and better able to mask it, depression can rob you of so much joy. It doesn’t have to be this way- and you don’t have to take pills to solve the problem.

Therapy can help.

How therapy helps generally depends on the root cause, but in general having a place to talk about your difficulties can be helpful. Sometimes depression comes from trauma, in which case the trauma comes to the forefront and working through this resolves the numbing. Occasionally, it’s as simple as never having been taught coping skills- which is fixable as well. Whatever the source, have multiple solutions and can tailor the plan to you personally. You just have to make the call.

  • The short answer is if your quality of life has decreased it may be time to seek help.
  • If you feel “numb” or “flat”
  • If you’re struggling to connect with others
  • If you’ve tried on your own and can’t seem to shake it
  • If you feel that you’re getting worse and moving towards classic depression versus functional depression
  • If you’re just tired of living this way

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