Relationship issues

Relationship issues

It hurts when your relationship isn’t going well. Maybe you’re not to the point of domestic violence or abuse, but things are not where you’d want them to be. You do not see eye to eye, but you want to be in the same place. Perhaps you’re having problems with co-parenting, maybe the issue is infidelity or sexual issues, or pherhaps you’re just more generally not getting along. Whatever the case, if you want to try, it may be possible to heal the wounds, learn to communicate better, and build the relationship you want.

  • Life transitions: moving through life phases and learning how to be the new you. Things like job changes, housing changes, illness, and having children can all stress a relationship.
  • Communication difficulties: you want to be heard, but you can’t seem to get your partner to understand.
  • Parenting Struggles: we all come from different families with their own ideas on raising children. It can be hard to find your way to the middle when raising a child with a partner.
  • Infidelity: when a partner strays, it can leave a deep wound, and lots of questions.
  • Sexual difficulties: when you’re struggling in other parts of your relationship, the sex can suffer and, in turn, the relationship suffers.
  • Poor relationship templates: When a person comes from a family with parents who struggled, it can create generational legacies of relationship problems. They never learned what a healthy relationship looks like, nor where they taught the skills necessary to create such a relationship.

If you’re struggling and have tried to solve things yourself to no avail, it may be time to call in help. Therapy can help you both feel heard, learn to communicate better with each other, and to solve your problems together in a healthy manner. With a little help, you can once again feel like you’re on the same team. Do not give up without trying something new and have someone to work with you in this unique healing journey.